Teresa’s Story


Before joining FGPT I think I’d hit my lowest. I’d suffered with depression and also a marriage break down. I had no confidence, ashamed of the way I looked. I couldn’t go out and I’d always feel like people were looking at me, thinking how fat and ugly I was and talking about how I looked. My energy was also very low, by the time I’d got home from work I just didn’t want to do anything except sleep.

First I tried signing up for a gym membership at a local gym. My first time I was showed the cardio equipment and left to my own devices. 6 months I tried but using the bike, treadmill and cross trainer that the gym instructor ha told me was not helping. Plus it felt like a battle to get through the door. As soon as I entered I felt people would be watching me, much fitter skinnier people all judging me. A friend then suggested herbalife, one Shake in the morning then 2 meals. I was starving on just that so soon gave up.

When I signed up to FGPT I wasn’t sure what to expect, I didn’t think I’d succeed as I hadn’t before. Again it was the thought of walking in and seeing loads of people looking at me judging what I looked like again. What if I couldn’t do the moves I was shown? What if I failed again?

Since joining my body has transformed so much. Before I was a size 18 realistically but I’d always try squeeze into a 16 and that’s what I would tell my family. In 8 weeks I was told by one of the trainers to take my first comparison photo as I was having a bad day and that was the first time I saw for myself the dramatic loss of inches especially around my waist. 20 weeks on I made it to size 12! I also have a lot more strength and stamina.

The training and service provided is the best around. I always recommend to everyone I speak to. The trainers understand you and help in every way. They encourage and motivate you and are always there with advice too.

My personality and emotions are so much better. Firstly my confidence gets better by the day. I don’t feel like I have to stay in and hide away anymore and I even go out shopping. I’m so much happier too now and feel like nothing can get me down. My social life has improved 100%. My mind on diets have changed too. I’ve finally ditched the scales, weight isn’t as important as i thought it’s the body fat and inches. Plus it’s not a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle.

The best moment for me since joining had got to be around the 20 weeks mark. For our Xmas do I had slimmed down enough to fit into my new dress, actually went out had the confidence to get my hair, nails make up done. It was the first time ever if felt like I was a worthy person and felt like I looked amazing. To top it off I got amazing comments from family, friends and even strangers in the toilets

To anyone thinking about having a transformation session I’d say do it and don’t look back. The money for sessions is an investment to the new or real you. I have never felt this good about myself before and that’s down to Neil and all the trainers and I’m never looking back there’s no stopping me now.

*Results may vary between individual