Lara’s Story


Before Joining Feel Good PT I was unhappy with my appearance; I tried to hide it away when once I was very confident, bubbly and happy. I became more withdrawn. I kidded myself for a long time that I was OK until I saw a photo of myself and I hit ‘rock bottom’. I was a size 16 to 18, unfit, unhealthy and had trouble getting a good night sleep and got stressed very easily.

Before Feel Good PT I had tried many diets and general attempts at fitness but no real ‘direction if that makes sense. Nothing worked so I got disheartened and gave up quickly.

Joining the program scared me, I felt that I would fail like the however many other times before – that I was like a ‘lost cause’ yet I have now dropped to a size 10, am fitter, happier in my whole outlook, I sleep better and my fitness has improved to be better than it ever has been.

The training and advice was fantastic. You feel like you are part of a ‘fitness family’ and you always have support there no matter what. The general camaraderie within the whole company and it’s clients is brilliant. The training itself was fun, it changed so it wasn’t boring and it really did work!

It’s my mind set that has changed the most – I am more confident in myself and my abilities. I now welcome new fitness challenges rather than shy away from them. I have done 2.5 walking marathons since starting and I am now doing a running marathon this year – something I would never in a million years have considered before Feel Good PT. I am overall a happier, more confident person and EVERYONE has commented on it, the support you get from everyone is incredible and I now believe in myself again.

Just do it, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is worth the time, effort and money and you will see results pretty quickly if you follow the plan. Good Luck!

*Results may vary between individual