Nats Story


It’s quite hard for me to explain what situation I was in 12 weeks ago but it would be fair and very accurate to say that I almost laughed during my initial consultation with Neil at the complete absurd suggestion that any of this was going to work for me. I was so completely sceptical about the idea of a personal trainer and who you needed to be to be part of this world. 

I was the girl who had the Weight Watchers app, the slimming world diet books and literally counted every calorie. I was incredibly fit whilst studying but the past four years of working in an office for 13 + hours per day and having to grab breakfast and lunch on the way had finally taken its toll. This sounds ridiculous when you think I’m only in my late twenties but it had a massive and very real affect on my body, my self esteem and quite significantly my relationship  – which consequently broke down. I am under no illusion that my self esteem was part of the reason to this.

When first joining Feel Good PT I thought I would be walking in to an environment surrounded by clients and trainers who were completely judgemental about someone’s life choices, their excuses about working hours, who wouldn’t listen to you what you could/couldn’t do. I thought it would be full of extreme athletes who would all be so much fitter than me. I thought it would be like a machine, turning clients in and out, forgetting who they were as individuals and giving every single person the same package, nutrition ideas and encouragement.

Now on a very literal basis …my body is smaller. When Neil told me how he expected my body to change I thought he was in cuckoo land. Genuinely. AS IF my body could shrink by that many inches EVER, let alone in such a short period of time. How wrong I was. The changes, suggestions and training had an immediate effect and I was instantly hooked. Not only am I smaller, my entire body shape is different. I physically weigh almost the same as I did three months ago which would have scared me before but I am a different dress size, noticeably stronger, significantly fitter and have muscle definition that I never had before. The changes were instantaneous and even when I felt like I was plateauing, Feel Good were with me straight away to change it up with new suggestions. 

The training is tough. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy.. but I love how much I hate the trainers during every hour. When I drive home almost unable to change gear because my arms hurt I know its probably going to get worse for 24 hours but I know it was fun. The classes are small enough that you can never hide or escape but they know where your boundaries are. They are able to perfectly balance the ability of everyone in the class so that everyone feels pushed but part of the team despite their different fitness levels. The trainers know when you really ‘can’t do it’ and when you still have it left in you… If you need to stop for water, you stop, if you need to cry, you can cry, if you need to be sick, you can be sick! The team were available all hours of the day via email, Facebook and text – for ANY question. 

I’ve had people comment that I have ‘got my sparkle back’  but from a personal perspective I feel incredibly relaxed and very calm. That’s a pretty big change for me in terms of my lifestyle given that I work in a Sales Management role in the City and consistently feel stressed. I became so caught up with work that it became my whole life and Feel Good gave me the opportunity to get fit, but also more importantly for me, to switch off and really have some time for myself for a few hours per week. If you combine that with the fact that comments from strangers, family and friends about how fit I looked, it has been the best shift I have ever experienced. I actually feel myself smiling more and taking things with a pinch of salt. The biggest shift in my mindset has been that its ok to have a cheat meal, its ok to still have fun or a glass of wine and that solely counting calories is probably the worst way to change your health and lifestyle and you’re only setting yourself up for failure. 

I can laugh when I can’t lift something because its too heavy… I can laugh when my face is beetroot red and I can barely breathe and I can laugh when I can barely lift myself out of bed or the shower after a session. Feel Good made it fun and I always always looked forward to getting to a session. The best thing about the whole time with them is that I now feel I understand how and why it wasn’t working for me before and can take that knowledge away from me. They don’t just bark orders at you like a stereotypical personal trainer and they don’t have a go at you when you fall off the wagon for a day. It is a very positive environment to be in and the trainers live and breathe what they preach. (At least it seems that way). The best thing is how I feel about myself. It’s pretty simple for me to say I’m calm, fitter and excited for the next year. 

The package is exactly what it says on the box – it is is a transformation package. It’s not just an hour each week in a gym with a guy who doesn’t know or care what your goal is. They help you with recipe ideas, training ideas, tips for going on holiday and are always available when you’re having a blip or available to share in your success. I have felt confident since starting with them in explaining the reasoning and how my body has changed to others who have been wowed by it. If you are hesitating about booking a transformation session I can say hand on heart it will be the best physical, emotional and mental transformation that you go through and will give you the confidence to battle obstacles that aren’t even fitness related. 

*Results may vary between individual