Kirsty’s Story

Before joining Feel Good PT I was overweight not confident in myself and always tired. I had tried weight watchers, slimming world and different fitness classes but nothing worked for me. I saw Feel good PT show up on my facebook for a deal of £99 I thought I’ll give it a go seeing as I have tried everything else.

I can honestly say that was the best £99 I have spent for 3 weeks personal training. I enjoyed it that much I joined again for 8 weeks after my holiday! I saw the inches dropping of me and people noticing made me feel so good! I wasn’t tired anymore it was amazing! The training was tough at 1st as my body wasn’t used to it but in end I was getting excited about going and aching strangely!! The staff are incredible pushing you towards your goals I couldn’t fault them in anyway you do not only gain a trainer out of it but a new bunch of friends. Everyone is so friendly and always happy to help with any questions.

With Feel good PT my mindset towards everything has changed and I feel so much better in myself. People normally moan and groan they can’t be bothered going to the gym but this is different I was excited to go all the time even at 7am in the morning!!! The best part about the time I have spent with Feel Good PT was the change in myself I never thought I would find something to change me and this has! The money is defiantly worth it and would recommend to anyone!!

If I was starting all over again I wouldn’t hesitate once about booking your transformation session!! Do it I promise you will never look back!!! Thank You Feel Good PT for everything you have done and will see you again very soon !

*Results may vary between individual